6 April/17

It's finally getting to be warmer - highs of around 20. Still haven't seen a lot of insects flying around, but the birds are back. Couple of days ago saw an interesting thing. Crows were chasing a squirrel on a tree. I know crows don't like them, but I haven't actually seen them go after the squirrel before. As well, there was a crow with what looked like white flight feathers a day or two later. Immature?

My favorite place to go, the Parker Wetlands, is closed off right now. The city is building a rapid transit line (which may or may not be all that rapid), and they are likely entering another phase right now and don't want people there. The bush might last as it is technically not part of the line, but it may eventually go if they decide to build houses along there. Biologically, it's a pretty rich piece of land, but no one on City council seems to care about that loss. Just waste land.

Better stop before I start ranting. It's just that habitat destruction is the main reason for extinction, and although nothing in the bush is considered endangered, it is one less habitat for Life to exist.

Posted on Μάιος 06, 2017 0208 ΜΜ by mamestraconfigurata mamestraconfigurata


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