Feltia jaculifera features

I struggle to explain this feature, so here is a picture with the Wshown. It can be darker and smaller than this one, but this shape in the Terminal area is an indication of Feltia jaculifera. Photo courtesy of https://www.cbif.gc.ca/SpeciesBank/spp_pages/noctuoidea/jpgs/image_e.php?image%5B%5D=110670.jpg%2CFeltia+jaculifera


Posted on Μάρτιος 16, 2020 0930 ΜΜ by mamestraconfigurata mamestraconfigurata


So in this photo the “W” pertains to the pale veining in the upperwings, yes?

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@uofgtwitcher Yes. It's easy to see, but very hard to explain! Characteristic of this species.

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