A Key to the Amphidorini Species of Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

I have created this key to aid in identifying Amphidorini from the northeasternmost part of their range. Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba together have only a total of eleven species, Wisconsin is known only to have Eleodes tricostata. This is likely the easiest key I have created and will create (at least in relation to Amphidorini), and while that is the reason I made it, I will continue to make more regional keys.

The key on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xWVrT-59QtDlxS_-98GXRKcrws18XWgp/view?usp=drivesdk

1 Elytra carinate…2
1’ Elytra not carinate...6
2 (1) Elytral carina strongly elevated to form a dish...Embaphion muricatum
2’ Elytral carina not strongly elevated...3
3 (2’) Elytra covered in minute setae, luster dull, size less than 23mm…4
3’ Elytra glabrous and with red line running down back, luster usually shiny, size more than 23mm...5
4 (3) Body oval shaped, elytra without rows of tubercles...Eleodes opaca
4’ Body not oval shaped, elytra with rows of tubercules…Eleodes tricostata
5 (3’) Pronotum concave...Eleodes suturalis
5’ Pronotum convex…Eleodes acuta
6 (1’) Size 18mm or larger...7
6’ Size smaller than 18mm…9
7 (6) Body elongate, elytra smooth, never sulcate, profemora never dentate…Eleodes longicollis
7’ Elytra sulcate, profemora dentate in males…8
8 (7’) Anterolateral angles of pronotum acute…Eleodes hispilabris
8’ Anterolateral angles of pronotum rounded…Eleodes obscura obscura
9 (6’) Elytral punctures in rows and less numerous, elytra often with ridges or a red line…Eleodes carbonaria obsoleta
9’ Elytral punctures numerous, elytra never with ridges or a red line…10
10 (9’) Hind angles of pronotum wider than anterolateral angles...Eleodes fusiformis
10’ Hind angles and anterolateral angles of pronotum about the same width…Eleodes extricata

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