Grace Creek Mountain Biking Park

This park was closed for a bit while the arboretum was under construction, but is open again. It's been a few years since I've been. I noticed that some of the trails have been improved. However, this park suffers from the same problem some of Longview's trails have: invasive trees and shrubs greatly outnumber the natives. One section of the park is a monoculture of Carolina laurelcherry. For this reason, I find this park to be dull from a naturalist's perspective. I did find some plants I haven't documented for Gregg County yet, but they were all invasives: Shepherd's Needle, House Holly Fern, Star of Bethlehem, and Smooth Tare.

Posted on Μάρτιος 24, 2023 0330 ΠΜ by cosmiccat cosmiccat


Φωτογραφίες / ήχοι


Καναδική Βίδρα (Lontra canadensis)




Μάρτιος 2023


Texas, US (Google, OSM)


I like to walk along creeks and rivers to find animal tracks. Usually I only find raccoon and deer prints, but today I was lucky!

One side of the photo depicts raccoon tracks for size comparison.


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