How many fish species can I find this year?

Fish life lister Leo Sheng is having a 2023 fish marathon. How many species can he catch this year? I decided to do my own marathon. I'm counting not just catches, but anything photographed.

I know I can't beat this self-described pokemon master, but trying is fun. Why the phrase pokemon master? Life listing is the same as playing pokemon. The game was invented by an entomologist who modeled it after collecting insects. In the game, the field guide is called the pokedex, and checking off species is called "filling out the pokedex."

I started today and got several species from an urban creek. They happen to be the most common ones and finding more is going to get harder and harder.

Posted on Ιανουάριος 16, 2023 1217 ΠΜ by cosmiccat cosmiccat


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