Can you find this Arkansas Plant?

@theo_witsell has published a new book, Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Arkansas. In this video by The Ozark Society, Theo talks about some rare plants in his book. One of them is the American Barberry, which wasn't known to exist in Arkansas until Theo found a museum specimen collected in 1888. Theo hopes that people will go out and try to find it. Wouldn't it be cool if an iNat user was to find one? I know I'm going to make more trips to Arkansas to look for it! I plan on making a weekend trip to Hot Springs National Park this spring to look for plants!

Watch the video:

Support Theo Witsell by buying his book here:

Posted on Ιανουάριος 16, 2021 1053 ΜΜ by cosmiccat cosmiccat


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