Why you should go Outside when you have a 5 minute break.

During remote learning, I have a lot more flexibility with my day's schedule. I can walk around for a couple minutes if I need to, and in breaks between classes I can go outside and look for birds. Just now, I walked outside and had 10 species in 2 minutes. Best bird was a flyover Horned Lark. I've also had times when I've gone outside and had other things like Little-blue Heron and Mississippi Kite flying over my Chicago house.

Posted on Μάρτιος 03, 2021 0733 ΜΜ by brdnrdr brdnrdr


Great post, Simon -- always good to take these sorts of breaks. :)

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@sambiology Thanks! These in-between days from the dead of winter to the start of spring are always good for getting interesting birds moving, even if it's a Horned Lark in the middle of the city.

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