New Personal iNat Project

Hey guys,
I realized that i did not meet my goal of getting to 2,000 species of living things observed in 2020. I was just recently looking through lots and lots of pictures from the year and noticed with my more keen eyes that there were a lot of things that I just missed, like galls on plants in the outer edges of photos, or trees something is perched on. For the next while I will be going through this year's photos, cropping them and uploading as many observations as I can to see how many new species I can get. I predict that it will be between 20-30. I'm starting at 2136 total species and 9,623 observations. What do you think?

EDIT I ended with 10,108 observations and 2,316 species! 180 new self-ID'd species!
All for now,

Posted on Δεκέμβριος 09, 2020 1142 ΜΜ by brdnrdr brdnrdr


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