Dr. Fabio Mao Valletta

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I'm Dr. Fabio Mao Valletta , degreed as naturalist in FedericoII university of Napoles.
I like to enjoy and live within nature, mostly as passionate observer. I'm killed in field missions, explorations, ecology, biodiversity, ethnobotany, hemp, apllied mycology, psilocybin wild mushrooms, .....
I'm on linkedin and sometimes I divulge as "NaturalMao" through instagram and you tube channels (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGFHQMXPf76PMPEYFyg8nFg).
I'm building up a project about chorology (maping distribution) of wild psilocybin mushrooms around the world (at the moment I'm studying expecially around the mediterranean area). If do you have samples and materials of psicotropic mushrooms to check please contact me and we try to identify. The universities, that I contacted, are not to much interested in this kind of studies ( psilocybin mushrooms distribution and applications) for the uncertain economic returns. But I believe this knowledge should not be prisoned in farmaceutical interests. So all contributions are welcome from materials, datas, money (at the bank account Fabio Valletta IT70C 02008 32974 001254569516).
I like the idea to be involved in more investigatons with more passionates and professionals and to contribute at projects about nature coevolutions.

Mush love to everybody

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