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Misspelling. Naudin thought the collector's (Hugh Cuming) name was spelled "Cumming" and spelled the name accordingly. Somewhat ambiguous case, but keeping this in the original form is probably fine.

The International Plant Names Index (Αναφορά)
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As mentioned, Medinilla cummingii is an example of an orthographic error. See Art. 60.1, Ex. 7: This should be fixed and has been by the primary authors. For example, see the revision of Philippine Medinilla by Regalado (1995 and the references therein, e.g., Triana (1871), Merrill (1923), and Bakhuizen van den Brink, Jr. (1943). I recently emailed POWO about this and the update will show up in their next refresh.

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I have consulted with one of the editors of IPNI, and it isn't clear that this is an orthographic error since, in his opinion, it isn't clear that "Cumming" was not an acceptable alternate spelling of Cuming at the time. Certainly several people spelled it that way. If it isn't wrong, it doesn't need to be corrected.

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Ok, thanks. I'll let it rest for now. :)

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