Taxonomic Swap 61280 (Δημιουργήθηκε στις 14-11-2020)

Schwarz, Ehrmann, Borer & Monnerat, 2018
Battiston, Leandri, di Pietro & Andria, 2018

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Well, in my opinion, this taxonomic swap should not have been done:
Schwarz et al. (2018) - referring to a possible synonymy of H. transcaucasica and H. tenuidentata - clearly stated: "To test this hypothesis, future studies will need to compare many more specimens across the distributional ranges of both species."
Pushkar (2016) and Schwarz & Ehrmann in "Invasive Mantodea species in Europe" (2018) treated H. transcaucasica as a valid species - without even mentioning H. tenuidentata or a possible synonymy... Thus, even Ehrmann did not repeat this possibility (mentioned by him in 2011).

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PS: Hierodula transcaucasica and Hierodula tenuidentata have never been formally synonymized - see van der Heyden & Schwarz (2021): (Nomenclatural notes).

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This will probably get more attention if you flag the active taxon that H. transcaucasica was synonymized with (Hierodula tenuidentata) as many curators only monitor flags on active taxa. @tmvdh Would you mind doing that?

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@loarie Done - I hope correctly...

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