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Something to get used to:

Almost all the species of "true toktokkies," previously genus Psammodes, were just the other day transferred to the new genus Mariazofia. That includes this popularly misidentified species.

The evidence is OPEN ACCESS in here:

Kamiński MJ, Gearner OM, Raś M, Hunsinger ET, Smith AL, Mas-Peinado P, Girón JC, Bilska AG, Strümpher WP, Wirth CC, Kanda K, Swichtenberg K, Iwan D, Smith AD (2022) Female terminalia morphology and cladistic relations among tok-tok beetles (Tenebrionidae: Sepidiini). Cladistics (X), plus Suppl. Appendix S1–S2.

This paper also contains helpful photographs of the beetles.


Mariazofia paper (Αναφορά)
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Who was Maria Zofia? Since we have to remember her name now.

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will you be splitting the genus Psammodes to avoid unintentional disagreements?

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From the new paper by Marcin Kamiński and many friends, the following::

Etymology. Named in honour of the daughters of the first author––Maria Antonina Kamińska (born 9 June 2016 in Warsaw, Poland) and Zofia Irena Kamińska (born 3 November 2018 in Flagstaff, USA).

I have no official opinion about this new genus name ;-)


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Women's Month. It's a good choice :~))

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