Taxonomic Swap 106980 (Δημιουργήθηκε στις 14-02-2023)

In accord with AOS-NACC (Chesser et al. 2021b), Ruby-crowned Kinglet is removed from genus Regulus, based on deep genetic divergence from other species in Regulus (Ingold et al. 1988, Päckert et al. 2009, Oliveros et al. 2019); change the scientific name from Regulus calendula to Corthylio calendula. Reposition Corthylio to immediately precede Regulus.

Clements Checklist v2021 (Αναφορά)
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@maxkirsch @cgbc @psweet Feel free to review and make sure there's no mistakes. I haven't committed yet because 36,000 is a lot of records to change, even for a swap, but I'd hate to mess it up with a mistake. If it's good, we can commit, and subspecies should automatically update the genus epithet.

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This looks right to me.

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Forgive me as I'm unfamiliar with the process for taxon swaps. It appears there are still roughly half the ruby-crowned kinglet observations listed under Regulus (inactive). Why wouldn't all of the observations automatically be updated to reflect the current taxonomy?

edit: I just read the top of the page that says "Taxon change commit may still be processing so be aware that some records aren't yet updated", maybe my question is answered and that it just takes a while for everything to be changed?

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@natemarchessault Yep, it's just that this is such a large taxon change (affecting upwards of 100,000 IDs by the looks of it) that it should take roughly a day or so for it to finish processing.

Αναρτήθηκε από maxkirsch πάνω από 1 χρόνo πριν

@maxkirsch gotcha, thanks for the clarification!

Αναρτήθηκε από natemarchessault πάνω από 1 χρόνo πριν

It seems as though all of the individual IDs have finally been swapped, but there are still several hundred observations that still have a Taxon ID of 117095 (Regulus calendula): , even though the individual identifications are 1289388 (Corthylio calendula).

A few of these cases are caused by users are rejecting Community IDs, but in most cases, the observations are just stuck, and adding an additional supporting ID updates the Taxon ID and puts the observation back to Research Grade.

Edited to add:

I just finished going through family-level observations, and there were swap-related issues there as well.

Here was a case where there was an original genus-level ID (Regulus s.l.) followed by two species-level IDs (Regulus calendula): The generic ID changed to family in the split, and the species-level IDs were swapped. But the taxon ID had reverted till family level until I added an additional species-level ID.

Here was a case with an initial incorrect species ID (R. satrapa), followed by three species IDs (R. calendula), which were swapped out (to C. calendula), but instead of a species-level Taxon ID after the swaps, the observation had reverted to a family-level Taxon ID (Regulidae) until I added an additional supporting ID:

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we fixed a few bugs and I think this should be cleaned up. Let me know if you see any other related issues

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