173 Species from Oregon Gardens, in a Single Day

Thank you BioBlitzers,

With your help, we documented 173 species of plant, fungi, and animals from 18 different Oregon gardens. Great job!!

If you had fun with this BioBlitz, please mark your calendars for our Fall Garden BioBlitz, on September 25, 2021. Please remember to join the project page, at https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/fall-2021-master-gardener-bioblitz

I love that we're all learning about the nature in our gardens, as well as in each other's gardens.

Take care,

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So sorry to have missed this. I was running a native plant sale for Jackson County Master Gardeners at the extension center in Central Point all day, so was not in my yard. Lots of bees in my sunflowers, and squash bees in my zucchini, though!

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