Hunt for Philinopsis taronga - A Sea Slug

Only 2 of these have been recorded in NW - on the 23 April 2018 at Ti Point, north of Warkworth and one in Jun 2017 in Matai Bay, Northland.

Can we find some more?

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@tangatawhenua lets see what we can find... @ellalis and I found at least 2 species of head shield slug on a previous rock pool session but unfortunately had no camera. I am convinced there are 3 species in the pools at Ti point. Now armed with cameras we just need a short window to get away from uni while the sun is out!!

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And the tide is right!

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Quick update.
Have returned twice to the same site as the first observation of these guys and they seemed to have disappeared. Several references suggest they are mostly seen in Autumn, this must coincide with some life history trait, Im sure they were breeding when I saw them last.
Anyway keep up the hunt!!

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If they were breading you may be able to get photos of the eggs then add that to our Marine eggs project @beaumasters :)

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