June 7 - White Sky...

We are entering the most productive period of the Odonata season - the days of the year for most daily observations and most daily species start now and span the next couple weeks.

Our numbers have picked up significantly, we're over 6,000 confirmed observations and over 100 species. Nearly 300 observers. All good numbers. Still waiting on some of our regulars.

Only one county remain without observations - Monroe. Hopefully someone can find their way east.

The hazy atmosphere and cooler temperatures of the past couple days aren't helping. And too, a bit of rain would help.

Posted on Πέμπτη 08 Ιούνιος 2023 01:31:26 UTC by jimlem jimlem


I can get to Monroe later this season, and I would have a lot more time next season to visit early in the season. My plan is to spend more time next year in the counties around Coshocton, including Noble, Guernsey, Monroe to the south, and a lot more time and places in Holmes and the upper Killbuck valley.

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Adjusted location of about a dozen pics that are Dye Cemetery Road Muskingum County out of Dye Cemetery Road Noble County from this last weekend. I dont know if it effects your stats or not.

Thanks for all your Stat work Jim. Much appreciated!

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