CNC 2023: Best observations

The best observation for CNC2023 southern Africa comes from the City of Tshwane.
Congratulations to @tjeerddw for submitting the observation of the Southern Serval

Looking at each City's favourite observation, listed as per CNC 2023 Southern African leaderboard:

Cape Town a tie between South African Mantis contributed by @hhodgson and Sand Rain Frog contributed by @siziphiwexego

eThekwini Crab spider contributed by @suncana

Overstrand Puff Adder contributed by @thyme5way12

Garden Route Common slug-eater contributed by @skye87

Overberg Southern Baboon spider contributed by @erickmunro

Weskus Prostigs family spider contributed by @cecileroux

Nelson Mandela Bay Villa vitripennis insect contributed by @mariedelport

Joburg Potatoe Lady Beetle contributed by @allanweideman10

Thohoyandou Leucauge levanderi spider contributed by @thanzi

Tshwane Apart from the Southern Serval, the 2nd most favourite observation is the Golden Eye Lichen contributed by @lezanne_rossouw

Botswana central Yellow-veined Widow contributed by @botswanabugs

Bloemfontein Konrad's Broad-headed Jumping Spider contributed by @hrodulf

Buffalo City Crassula perfoliata contributed by @vats

Potchefstroom Singlespine River Crab contributed by @anje

KZN South Coast a tie between Wahlberg's Epauletted Fruit Bat contributed by @bushboy and Whitebar Acraea butterfly contributed by @timmcclurg

Makgeng Euphorbia pulvinata contributed by @simon_attwood

Zululand a tie between Pink-mouth Egg Cowry marine mollusk contributed by @aspearton and South African Giraffe contributed by @magdastlucia

Gaborone & SE Genus Bucculatrix moth contributed by @tuli-2

Pietermaritzburg Dry-leaf Commodore butterfly contributed by @callas_gunther_kahlert

Lubombo Dragon-headed Caterpillars contributed by @ardy3

Mbabane-Hhohho Blesbok contributed by @katebraunsd

Nelspruit Eulophia horsfallii contributed by @heinrichhuman

Waterberg Speckled Rock Skink contributed by @jaheymans

Nairobi Rat-tail Maggot Fly contributed by @batili419

Pondoland Mountain Malachite damselfly contributed by @phindile2

Botswana South a tie between Threeband Slugs and Eastern Dotted Border catepillar both contributed by @matewe

Maputo City Reed Frog contributed by @alvaro_albino

Northern BotswanaZululand a tie between Southern Red-billed Hornbill contributed by @anthony1764 and Eastern Scarlet butterfly contributed by @robert_taylor

iLembe Lesser Fig-tree Blue butterfly contributed by @nadiafunke

Kigali City Eletica Blister Beetle contributed by @loisposey

A hearty congrats to all the observers for the fantastic observations and huge thanks to all who have taken the time to vote for their favourite observation of the Challenge.

Surprisingly, most observations made were of plants yet very few were the City's favourite observations!

Posted on Πέμπτη 25 Μάιος 2023 18:12:18 UTC by suvarna suvarna


Amazing, congrats to all.

Αναρτήθηκε από suncana 4 μήνες πριν

Many thanks and well done to all the other contributors, observers, identifiers and experts.

Αναρτήθηκε από mariedelport 4 μήνες πριν

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