CNC:NYC 2021 RESULTS (version 2)

NOTE: I have recreated this post as close to what it was on the day results were announced (May 10, 2021), but since I was rewriting, I figured I might as well add some updated totals. Those are in italics. If you happen to have made a copy of that original post, I'd love to see it so I can figure out if I missed anything. Email it to THANKS!

The City Nature Challenge 2021 results are in and they are very exciting!

Global City Nature Challenge Results

Globally, over 50K (54K) observers in 419 cities made 1.2 million observations! It’s the first time a CNC has broken the 1 million mark AND it’s the first time iNaturalist as a whole has had over 1 million observations in a week. Click here to see an infographic of the global results.

New York's own Daniel Atha (@danielatha) was the top observer for the whole challenge! Check out his journal post, My Personal Experience of the City Nature Challenge.

New York City CNC Results

In NYC, we had the most observers EVER for CNC with 850 (883) people making over 19K observations. We found 1589 species in NYC and we thank 650 identifiers for their help in improving this list.

On the morning results were announced, (9am May 10, 2021), these were the NYC leaderboards:

Congrats to @danielatha, @srall, @cmurphy95, @klodonnell, @irag, @glyptostrob0ides, @nycnatureobserver, @matthew_wills, @elharo, and @aberkov for making the leaderboards!

Emily Dickinson at the Madison Square Park Conservancy organized the NYC Park by Park Competition, which had 19 of the city's parks and greenspaces competing. Bronx Park won for most observations (4459) and species (348) and Green-Wood Cemetery won for most observers (59).

We also brought back our Battle of the Boroughs! And in a first for a CNC, Manhattan didn't sweep all three categories! The most observations were made in the Bronx, the most species were found in Brooklyn, and the most people making observations were in Manhattan. Click the Battle of the Boroughs project link above to get to the individual borough projects. Here are the rankings as the stood on the morning of May 10, 2021:

Here are our top observers and species finders in each borough:
Brooklyn: @elharo (obs) and @matthew_wills (spp)
Bronx: @danielatha
Queens: @klodonnell
Staten Island: @srall
Manhattan: @aberkov

Fun Finds

This section might be missing a few entries from the original version. If you have exciting finds that I missed, please remind me of them in the comments!

@desmodium_nyc found Birdfoot Violet (Viola pedata), a New York State endangered plant. LINK.

@morgan2km found an Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus borealis) snoozing in Prospect Park. LINK.

@mayacrow found a Brotherly Ground Crab Spider, Xysticus fraternus, one of only 15 observations of this species in iNaturalist and a first for New York state. Thanks to @elharo for looking that up. LINK.

@jholmes found an Ilia Underwing caterpillar (Catocala ilia) hangin out right in the middle of Broadway. LINK.

A couple folks documented some exciting species interactions: @mayacrow documented a Great Blue Heron catching a Brown Bullhead on Staten Island and @kevparsonsproject documented a Great Egret catching an eel of some sort in Jamaica Bay.


We absolutely could not run a successful CNC:NYC without all of our partners: Madison Square Park Conservancy, Hudson River Parks Trust River Project, NYC Parks, NYBG, Greenbelt Conservancy, Genspace, Freshkills Park Alliance, Green-Wood Cemetery, WSP EcoProjects, Bronx River Alliance, LES Ecology Center, Randall's Island Park Alliance, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, Alliance for Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Battery Park City Authority, Manhattan Land Trust, March for Science NYC, Latino Outdoors, and Brooklyn CNC captain, @xris. Thanks for coming to planning meetings, spreading the word about CNC, making your own observations and identifications, and many thanks especially to those of you who hosted or organized CNC related events this year. It was hard to organize events this year because of ongoing pandemic restrictions and we really appreciate your efforts!

We also had some great Macaulay Honors College student volunteers who helped moderate and participate in our virtual events. Thanks to @anamariaoliynyk, @ziska_andrew, and especially @danielthomas, who has volunteered for CNC for four years in a row!

The dates of the 2022 challenge have been set! Mark your calendars for April 29, 2022 - May 2, 2022. Join this project for updates in the late summer/early fall: City Nature Challenge: New York City 2022.

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