Welcome to the Archibald Lake BioBlitz!

We are excited for you to join us out in the field, contributing to conservation research and feeding our curiosity!

Archibald Lake is in the watershed of Archibald Brook, an important tributary to the St. Mary’s River out here on the Eastern Interior. At least 300 ha surrounding the lake is old hardwood forest on drumlin terrain, with mature softwood on the flats. This crown land forest provides outstanding habitat for a highly biodiverse network of species. It even overlaps with a mainland moose concentration zone!

To get here:

Traveling on NS Trunk Highway 7 between Stillwater and Aspen is the community of Melrose. Turning East off 7 onto Melrose Country Harbour Rd, continue for 3.8 km to Indian River Rd. A right turn onto Indian River Rd and continue 5 km, there will be a trail (rougher terrain) on the right. I'll have some signs up on the Saturday. Park at the signs on Indian River Road, walk half a km in until there is a trail to the left (even rougher terrain and flooding on the path) which is a rocky and wet hike 1.7 km to Archibald Lake.

At 9 am on July 31st, my little silver Nissan with the piping plover on the plate will be parked at the hike-in point 5km on Indian River Rd. (keep going past the twin lakes rd sign)

As is the case with isolated and pristine wilderness, access is limited. But oh, so worthwhile.

Please be aware of ticks – this year is booming for ticks, so dress appropriately! And don’t forget to snap a photo when you do find the little parasitic arachnids!
There’s a wonderful project also on iNaturalist that’s tracking Maritime Ticks.

Bears reside in the area, and though typically not interested in us, please buddy up and make sure you’re Bear Aware. Please share any prints or scat you find. It's all great info.

Don't worry if you and your neighbour are recording the same species, everyone has their own life list, and many photos give better perspectives!

We are insisting on leaving only footprints and taking only photos and sound recordings as detailed in Leave No Trace

Please don’t forget lots of water and bug spray and a packed no-litter lunch.

Thank you for participating in the Archibald Lake BioBlitz, and please join this project for updates and to compare our finds!

Coordinates of the site:

45°13'39.6"N 61°56'59.8"W
45.227675, -61.949945

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We’ve noticed that you have posted observations from Guysborough County to iNaturalist this year and we are hoping that you might be interested in participating in our upcoming bioblitz. Please feel free to join us or get out and explore on your own. Any observations from the Archibauld Lake bioblitz polygon will count as long as they were observed on July 31st. Please have any observations uploaded to iNat within a couple of days – we will announce our bioblitz stats on Tuesday August 3rd.

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Was in the area today with my friend U/N Scaup, 18th July, 2021, recorded about 50 species of bird and many plants/amphibians. Hopefully these can be added to the project.

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