Big Thicket Preserve Mini BioBlitz

Whew.... I'm finally done processing our photos for observations other than snails from the BioBlitz. We had a great time (thanks to @sambiology for organizing it!) and made a ton of really cool observations, spending as much time as possible outside observing things. I think our favorites were all the reptiles we saw, including a pair of courting Southern Copperheads, followed by a pretty little Cottonmouth only about 100' away.

I'll keep working on the snails and post them as I get ID's on them, but that may take me a couple more weeks. I see that we crossed 3000 observations posted to the project tonight, which is a tremendous number! It is amazing what a small group of excited bio-nerds can do in one weekend, eh? :-)

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@beschwar -- it was a highlight for me to get to meet you in person! I look forward to going out exploring with you again in the field.

Stay tuned for the next meet-up and location! :) I'm already excited.

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