Explore the Pineywoods: Jim Hogg Park

Today I visited a new park today---Jim Hogg Park in Rusk, TX. https://naturerockspineywoods.org/greenspace/jim-hogg-park

I looked up this park a few days ago and saw that it only had 14 observations, all made a few years ago, so I had to iNat this place. Jim Hogg Park is the birthplace of its namesake, and his parents are buried here. There is a museum, a playground, picnic tables, and a nature trail.

The trail mostly wanders through flowery fields and groves of pine trees. The fields were mostly goldenrod, camphorweed, foxglove, and soft goldenaster. These fields were full of butterflies, bees, and wasps. I tried to photograph as many pollinators as I could, but didn't manage to get many. I would like to go back here in the spring to see what kind of flowers there will be then.

The park is big enough to take multiple trips to explore, so I'd definitely recommend it, especially since it needs more data.

I encourage everyone to find a local park that needs more iNat data and go exploring!

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Excellent stuff, Crystal! I want to check it out now too!!! :)

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