New Trail Section in Kilgore, TX

Recently Kilgore opened an additional mile on the Bighead Creek Trail aka Creekside Trail. I like this new section because it winds through a hardwood forest with giant monster trees, while the older one goes through a more "developed" area. The dominant native trees are southern sugar maple, hophornbeam, hornbeam, and various oaks. Some of those oaks are among the biggest I've seen in this area.

This trail has all the elements I look for in a good mushroom hunting ground: a large variety of trees, old giant trees present, and it's a low-lying wet area.

Unfortunately, I found an invasive species that I haven't seen in this area before, the thorny olive. I discovered the remains of an old homestead: a piece of a wall made with a particular brick that was popular in the 30s, an old cement garden urn, a rusted old-timey bicycle, and more. That, along with the presence of a large number of popular landscape plants (Chinese privet, nandina, Chinese photinia, common ivy, Chinese holly, etc.) make me think the original land owner planted some thorny olives in a garden, and it later multiplied like crazy.

As the park name suggests, the trail follows a creek. I hiked along it looking for fishing spots, but it's too shallow to contain anything other than microspecies (teeny tiny fish like darters). When it warms it warms up in the spring, I'm going to put on my waders, grab my dip net, and see what kind of critters I can find.

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I look forward to seeing what you find. Don't forget about the birds. ;-)

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