McKinley Woods, Will County, Forest Preserve Round Gobies

I had not previously caught Round Gobies at this location so I am trying here for 2018. I wanted to be able to show that this species has the potential to be at this location and I will try to show distribution and density if possible.
When photographing it is best to try and get the profile and then the underside to get the "eye spot" and the pelvic disk. I will try to include at least 3 photos showing these characteristics and then a photo showing location and/or relation to one another for the visit (group photo). A photo showing the number of individuals as they add up at a location for a visit can really help to show the density in my opinion. I do apologize if size is not fully illustrated but I will try to use a ruler if applicable.
When trying to catch Round Goby at this location it is best to look for the rocks and logs along the shore especially around the rail bridge. Use a standard hook in order to "pre-catch" any sunfish or natives and in order to try and avoid those fish "swallowing" the smaller hooks. Use a piece of worm and try to go as small as possible. Size 10 or smaller hooks are necessary in order to get the smaller gobies. The gobies have a very bad tendency to "strip" a hook of bait and so the smaller hooks can be eaten by them. The gobies also have a very bad tendency to pull the hook and line under the surrounding structure. The hook when pulled can then get caught on the rock, etc. that the goby is hiding under and the fish tends to get away. Do not be surprised if it takes multiple attempts and try to "bob" the hook gently up and down to get their attention. I do however find that gobies eat throughout the water column including the surface at time.

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Φωτογραφίες / ήχοι


Νεογωβιός Μελανόστομος (Neogobius melanostomus)




Μάιος 25, 2018 04:24 ΜΜ CDT


Channahon, IL, USA (Google, OSM)


(Goby #15 for 2018) Caught this out of the Des Plaines River at the southern tip of the McKinley Woods Park in Channahon, Illinois.


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