Search for the Trees that Helped Map Illinois

From the Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI):

"We’re looking for a special kind of witness tree: the historic trees that helped map the state of Illinois. In the early 1800s, surveyors used “bearing trees,” many of them oaks, as landmarks. How many are still with us, as living witnesses to our history? We want to know: How many of these trees survived?

You can help us find out. All you need is a smartphone. You don’t need to know anything about trees or maps to become part of this living history project. We're asking Illinois residents to visit the sites of bearing trees on their property or on public property and record information about any remaining bearing trees left and, if not, what is there now.

The map below includes the locations of the original bearing trees and line trees as recorded by the surveyors in the 1800s. Click on a point to see more information about the species and the size as noted by the surveyor. There is also a place to record your observations, including whether or not the tree is still there- You can even upload photos! Most points on the map are accurate to about 15 feet, so be sure to look nearby for very large trees that might fit the bill."

Posted on Μάρτιος 29, 2018 0852 ΜΜ by bouteloua bouteloua


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