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My name is Will Selman, and I am an associate professor of Biology at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS. My research broadly focuses on (1) understanding vertebrate life history and ecology and (2) using this information to guide conservation and management decisions. I use ecological and natural history data to answer hypotheses related to thermal ecology, behavioral ecology, population connectivity, reintroduction ecology, and impacts of natural or anthropogenic stressors on reptile, amphibian, or avian populations. I also conduct species status surveys for rare reptile and amphibian species.

My teaching interests closely mirror my research interests, so that one complements the other. As a field biologist, I value experiential learning and "learning by doing". This strategy provides better student engagement and deeper learning opportunities (and often good times too!). Such experiences include taking field trips to natural areas, identifying specimens to hone diagnostic skills, class field projects, and learning field techniques. My students also use iNaturalist to curate and make species collections for various classes.

To learn more about my current or past research, go to my website, www.willselman.com.

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