Doc_ Lingo

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I am retired from the United States Coast Guard, am an avid mycologist that has been fascinated with fungi since childhood.
Currently, I am building a digital herbarium and a physical herbarium, collecting the macro- fungi of Baldwin and Escambia counties in Alabama, Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida. All specimens collected are shared with researchers around the world upon written request, either by email or U.S. mail.
Documenting the micro and macro taxonomy of the various macro-fungi collected is an important part of this project, the data collected is kept with each specimen and is shared with other researchers upon request, both Amateurs and professionals.
My rarest observation was finding Psilocybe tampanensis, while the most common is Psilocybe cubensis, because I tend to hunt to diverse habita5s of pastures, as well as my fascination with coprophilic fungi (dung lovers).
Thank you very much to everyone who contributes to this wonderful citizens science site!!! Who knows, you may find something rare or completely new, lots of mushrooms still waiting to be discovered. The hunt is my favorite part, it gets me out of the house and into nature, where I get good exercise and clean air, not to mention all the wonderful things that I encounter. Get outside and share your observations with the world!!!

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