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I have always been and will always be an amateur. I'm an engineer by profession that just likes observing nature and learning about what I see.

In 2015 I photographed a bird and wanted to know what it was. I posted it on Facebook and a friend recommended the iNaturalist app. I tried it out and got a quick ID. That was my introduction to the community. For a while I really enjoyed observing things around me and posting to iNat for a quick ID. I think early on I remember seeing my name in lists of the top observers in the DFW area. (That certainly is no longer true!) More recently, observing the birds in my backyard helped me maintain my sanity through the first 18 months of the pandemic as I worked from home.

Lately my iNaturalist enthusiasm has waned somewhat. I will still occasionally make an observation if 1) it is a new species for me and I want to know what it is, or 2) it is an observation in a new place and I want to add it to my map of observations.

I tried my hand at learning how to ID for a while but there is so much I don't know that I don't know, and I made mistakes, which seemed to irritate some, so I backed off of that.

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