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My Favorite Flower

Magnolia Grandiflora

Mother of 3 wonderful boys.

Passionate about sharing nature with young children :) Creating better observers of nature and there by unlocking the magic of its beauty and revealing even smaller details. WONDERFUL things do come in small packages.
Children do not have to put a name to what they see as much as put a "face" to it. They do this all day long in school. This can take the fun out of nature and is not productive. Whats important is what they see and think and how they connect to nature. Learn by doing and being in the now.
Children have a very pure observation skill.
Children see beauty/wonder easily, they need to ponder and observe over and over noticing new things about living things. This philosophy has been believed in many cultures through out time. I was reminded again of this in reading about Forest Bathing a few years ago. Quality interactions that are of the intimate, experiential and of the enriching nature come when a child sees they ARE nature. It is these human connections to nature that will stay with a child the most.

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