Susie Dozzler

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Seems like I’ve always been into nature. I studied Forestry for a couple of years in college...until I realized the main focus seemed to be timber production, so ended up with a career sitting in an office and working on a computer. In 2016, my husband and I purchased an older home with land south of Dallas near I-20. I call it the Jungle Bird & Wildlife Sanctuary. The limestone Escarpment begins from a small ridge area down to an ancient spring-fed creek, then across to a forested wilderness, with our home nestled in the middle. This 1+ acre natural habitat is covered with trees, bushes, and vines. Many wonderful native plant and animal treasures have been found, and many invasive plants have been removed. I planted a Texas Native Pollinator Shade Demonstration Garden with perennials in 2018 and found out what works and what doesn’t, thankfully most plants came back stronger than ever. Natural erosion measures are being taken and some of the benefits of leaving deadwood and snags are evident by the woodpecker population.

In 2019 our habitat area was increased by 1/3 acre with the rescue purchase of the neighboring property from a developer who had already removed many of the large and healthy trees. To prevent erosion and increase pollinators, we added a Garden and as well as a Pocket Prairie to the cleared area by removing the invasive plants already trying to take over and planting Native Texas flower and grass seeds. The painstaking care to prepare the soil along with abundant rain and sunshine has helped the new prairie to flourish this summer. An active beehive is now busy utilizing all this pollen and butterflies are plentiful! With Texas Native plants, no watering schedule is needed that would wash off the pollen because once established, these natives need no additional water or fertilizer and are adapted to the climate.
I am an active contributor to the Butterflies and Moths of North America Citizen Science Project and appreciate the importance of accurate documentation! I’m identifying and making records while eliminating invasive plants and thoroughly enjoying nature.

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