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They/Them or She/Her

As an IDer: I really try to leave notes - especially when disagreeing with an ID. If I lapsed in it, feel free to tag & ask.

If you're IDing my stuff: THANK YOU! :) If it is something that you know it is something that needs scope work/dna/whatever to get to species, feel free to comment and if the 2nd ID move to good-as-it-gets DQA :) I do really appreciate comments with info especially if dissenting.


My background is biochemistry & neuroscience, I have a Master of Science and over a decade experience in biochemistry / biotechnology, initially working in antibody and ELISA design, and later in neurobiology specifically neuralgia. I absolutely love nature and always wanted to be a field biologist, I just never had the chance when I was younger - it was the days of 'girls don't do that' (I sure hope it has gotten better!).

In 2010 I became a caver and so of course I wished to learn more about all cave science topics. This lead me to entomology, doing some work in caves in the UK with a friend and later in Spain as a part of the Matienzo Caves Project (you can follow us on twitter @karstentomology). I live in the TAG caving region however, and thus found Dr. Matthew Niemiller at UAH and now participate in karst biology research locally. You'll also find me assistant instructing Cave Biology at UAH, and doing work with the Cave Bio Lab.

I'm one of the few people bio-surveying in Jackson Co. above ground; I just know the area very well from caving. I report butterfly finds to Alabama Butterfly Atlas, fireflies to Dr Faust, and I've assisted some fungi research as well. I am particularly interested in documenting every species I can find on our small homestead. If you are interesting in looking for something, let me know I'll keep a specific eye out for it! I may also have ideas for you on where to look if you can tell me the type of habitat you wish to find, so please feel free to message me. If you want me to collect for you, please ensure I am listed on your permit (Alabama requires permits for almost every taxon), and provide a copy of written permission from the landowner.

I also have over a decade of Cave/High Angle/Wilderness search & rescue experience; currently my Australian Shepherd and I are a NASAR certified Wilderness Area search team. So, I am happy being in the middle of nowhere, above and below ground :)

My other local 'day job' is taking all that applied science background and using it in dog training, I am CPDT-KA and enjoy transforming people’s relationships with their dogs into a lovely mutual partnership based in kindness, respect, and trust. You can find me at Island Dog Training in Alabama.

IG @sunguramy
Mastodon: @sunguramy@flippingrocks

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