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Biology, Cosmology & Guitar

I did my university degree in biology (botanics, ecology) at the University Leipzig and have been working mainly for the Phyllodrom Rainforest Museum Leipzig since. I have declared myself a zoologist since I was a little boy, as soon as I was able to put on a snorkeling mask or spot snakes in the garden.

My heart is on the underwater life of the Croatian island Krk (Kvarner). In the last ten years I identified (and most likely also misidentified) more than 300 marine species around the island, and since 2016 I am taking pictures.

Thank you for your IDs and comments.

LITERATURE I use for species identification:

(Please note that some of the old books are to be obtained only as reprints, e-books or via libraries.)

Alf, Brenzinger, Haszprunar, Schrödl, Schwabe: A Guide to Marine Molluscs of Europe
Baldacconi, Trainito: Spugne del Mediterraneo
Bay-Nouaihat, Bay-Nouaihat: Guide des Tuniciers de l'Europe de l'Ouest
Cabioc'h, Floc'h, Toquin, Boudouresque, Meinesz, Verlaque: Guide des Algues des Mers d'Europe
Falciai, Minervini: Guida dei Crostacei Decapodi d'Europe
Grube, Bon: Actinien, Echinodermen und Würmer des Adriatischen- und Mittelmeers: Nach Eigenen Sammlungen
Kobelt: Faunae Molluscorum Testaceorum maria europaea inhabitantium.
Le Granché, André, Rochefort: Spongiaires de France
Louisy: Europe and Mediterranean Marine Fish
Ludwig: Die Seesterne des Mittelmeeres
Neumann, Paulus: Mittelmeer-Atlas - Fische und ihre Lebensräume
Pansini, Manconi, Pronzato: Fauna d'Italia - Porifera I
Pesta: Die Decapodenfauna der Adria
Riedl: Fauna und Flora der Adria
Rodríguez-Prieto, Ballesteros, Boisset, Afonso-Carillo: Alghe e Fanerogame del Mediterraneo
Schmidt: Die Spongien des Adriatischen Meeres
Tiralongo: Blennies of the Mediterranean Sea
Tortonese: Fauna d'Italia - Echinodermata
Trainito, Baldacconi: Coralli del Mediterraneo
Wirtz, Debelius: Niedere Tiere Mittelmeer/ Atlantik
There is an ever increasing number of other publications I also use. If it is of relevance I will link a paper to an observation/ ID.
I am too lazy to type them all down.


Buttler: Steinbachs Naturführer Orchideen
Eschrich: Gehölze im Winter - Zweige und Knospen
Fischer, Adler, Oswald: Exkursionsflora Österreich Liechtenstein Südtirol
Fritsch: Exkursionsflora von Österreich
Godet: Bäume und Sträucher
Godet: Blüten der heimischen Baum- und Straucharten
Grau, Kremer, Möseler, Rambold, Triebel: Steinbachs Naturführer Gräser
Häupler, Muer: Bildatlas der Farn- und Blütenpflanzen Deutschlands
Kremer: Steinbachs Naturführer Strauchgehölze
Mitchell: Parey - Die Wald- und Parkbäume Europas
Oberdorfer: Pflanzensoziologische Exkursionsflora
Rothmaler: Exkursionsflora von Deutschland 2-5
Schmeil-Fitschen: Flora von Deutschland und angrenzender Länder
Grey-Wilson, Blamey: Parey - Bergblumen

(Please note: not everything posted on those sites is certified truth. Handle with care. But you know that.)

COMMENTS I frequently do not post:

"You should have left it in the ocean."
"Science is NOT a matter of opinion."
"Geneticists tell us we are chimps. Let's not forget that, it explains a lot."
"In the last centuries scientists killed everything they wanted to ID. This is typical human behaviour. But we can do better."

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