Shreyas Kuchibhotla

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Ophiophile and all-round nature enthusiast from Hyderabad, India.

I've always loved wildlife. Began with marine life, went through birds, big cats etc. but the one thing that has always remained constant is snakes. Since I moved to the UK, however, I have also begun taking an interest in spiders and centipedes. My academic interest is more in the biochemical side of these animals, namely their toxins, but I spend a significant amount of my free time searching for and photographing them in the wild.

I hope to add new locations here for under-recorded species in the UK, since platforms such as iRecord and SRS are not very beginner-friendly and should another naturalist become interested in seeking out rare spiders/centipedes they should be able to log on here and view nearest sightings. E.g. Cryptops anomalans is a fairly common species in and around London, even in parks and gardens, but when I began looking for it I had no idea where to go because there were a total of 5/6 observations here. Now anyone who wants to find one (unlikely though it may be) has a few locations to comb through.

Please feel free to tag me in any observations related to snakes, spiders and centipedes, particularly from UK and India, although I will try my best to help with observations from other locations as well. I'm not an expert by any means, but I've gained enough field experience with the latter two at least to help narrow down options.

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