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Hi! I'm bisexual, nonbinary (I'm working on narrowing that down), an avid naturalist, and a self-discovered nuero-divergent. Oh, and my pronouns are they/them. For starters, I’m not “officially” diagnosed because there is no official medical code for my condition. What is my condition? NLD/NVLD Nonverbal Learning Disorder. This means I have trouble detecting tone in conversation and have major visual-spatial issues. I also have terrible hand-eye coordination and sometimes can become confused over which hand is left and which is right. Personally, I have terrible short-term memory and often forget things. I am pro-science, against antivaxxers, and anti-woo. As far as naturalism goes, I am particularly interested in identifying reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Herping in the spring and fall is one of my favorite pastimes. NOTE: For some reason AM and PM have been swapped on ALL of my observations, I will update this page if anything has changed.

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