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I am fascinated by fungi.
In the 1970s my Grandma in Central Finland (Europe) taught me to recognise the first edible mushrooms

  • Lactarius - the ones with white milk.

I grew up on a small farm surrounded by the forest and a lake.

In the 1980s my Mum learnt to use mushrooms to get colours and to dye the wool she used for knitting and weaving.

The world of fungi is fun and wonderful!

So seems to be also this international community of iNaturalists.

As an amateur I have a lot to learn myself.

With the fungi photos I would appreciate more photos than the only one of the cap from above.
The underside is even more important! So please - when photographing mushrooms - take a picture of the gills, tubes or spikes under the cap. Also take a photo of the stem.

And it´s a good idea to cut the mushroom in half and watch if it changes colour when you touch or press it. Describing the smell and the habitat, trees around is also helpful in identifying the mushrooms.

A few very helpful hints on this video: https://youtu.be/LKF_pIY0Zpc (Provided by @leptonia. Thanks.)

A podcast I enjoyed "Fungi: An Alien Encounter" https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000dr46


https://www.kew.org/learning/learning-at-home - fun with fungal science

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