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My name's Ocean, I'm a high school senior in the South Bay
I'm mostly interested in the native flora of wherever I happen to be, but pretty generalist to anything of intrigue. Currently doing this for fun, but hope to make a career out of related fields as this kind of stuff is my interest
Message me if you're interested in going on hikes/walks, I'm down to meet new people and see cool plants!

Feel free to tag/message with questions on my IDs or if you need ID help (or just plant questions in general)! If I don't respond to an @ I probably saw it and forgot to reply or just missed it, @ me again if its been a while. I also make a lot of IDs so if my ID seems outlandish please question it, could be a dumb mistake. I’m best with Phrymaceae and CA plants, primarily focusing on Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, & San Mateo counties.
I also started working on a visual guide for local Delphinium here:
I'll keep adding to it as I have time and learn ^^

Monkeyflower Resources for self study:
(Most of these amazing resources are thanks to Guy Nesom, just putting them here so it's easier for people to find)

Diplacus notes: https://www.phytoneuron.net/2013Phytoneuron/66PhytoN-SubgDiplacus.pdf
Sect Diplacus (bush monkeyflowers): https://www.phytoneuron.net/PhytoN-sectDiplacus.pdf
Sect Simiolus: http://www.phytoneuron.net/PhytoN-sectSimiola.pdf
Sect Mimulosma: https://www.phytoneuron.net/PhytoN-sectMimulosma.pdf
Sect Erythranthe: https://www.phytoneuron.net/2014Phytoneuron/31PhytoN-sectErythranthe.pdf
E. moschata complex: https://www.phytoneuron.net/2017Phytoneuron/17PhytoN-Erythranthewillisii.pdf
(Some) Erythranthe in WY, MT, UT, CO: https://www.phytoneuron.net/2019Phytoneuron/30PhytoN-Distribution-tilingiiarvensis.pdf
E. cordata: https://www.phytoneuron.net/2015Phytoneuron/38PhytoN-Erythranthecordata.pdf
E. plotocalyx https://www.phytoneuron.net/2020Phytoneuron/40PhytoN-Erythrantheplotocalyx.pdf
Search up monkeyflowers here: http://floranorthamerica.org/Main_Page
Search up herbarium records: https://www.nansh.org/portal/index.php

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