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I am Milo, and I like wildlife, especially plants. My personal favourite group of plants is orchids, mainly spiranthes, orchis and dendros. I also grow several species of jewel orchid, and some brassia hybrids. Alongside orchids, I grow multiple other plants, for example some lithops, and an endless quantity of succulents. I also find birds, especially shorebirds, and herps very interesting, and in my spare time I often bird watch, (when it isn't orchid season), and have a decent list for my area. Other than nature, In my opinion chess is great fun, and I equally find maths, english etc very interesting. Every now and again I go sculling, a rather understated sport that is great, and also the only sport I find positively enjoyable other than ones used for finding animals.
If anyone disagrees, or sees fault in my identifications, which is inevitable and quite likely with certain taxa, please let me know and I will change that.

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"One day, you live this world behind. Live a life that you will remember"

Stay safe everyone!

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