Matthew Prince

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I like Spiders. Mam rad pavuky. Szeretem a pókokat.

Been interested in nature since '.'

Was a birder in the UK, then travelled a lot, at the same time became interested in a wider range of nature, and what became known as PSL (pan-species listing - ako Vsetko!)

Along that journey became very interested in spiders, buying a dissecting microscope, joining the BAS and eventually becoming the Devon county recorder for the national Spider Recording Scheme. Found (and identified) some spiders new to the UK (Parapelecopsis susannae and Civizelotes civicus).

I even spent a brief spell as the SRS national organiser, but I now live in Slovakia, where I'm continuing to enjoy wildlife and of course spiders (a member of SARAS).

Currently surveying Aggteleki NP in Hungary (under permit).

Particularly fond of Walckenaeria.

Also at present hoping to get more confirmed sightings of Pardosa alacris which I think is the most common (but not the only) member of Pardosa lugubris complex in leaf litter in both Slovakia and Hungary (or at least the parts I have visited!). This can be confirmed (or denied) with adult males by capturing the spider in a clean glass vial or clear plastic bag and taking a photo of the top of the palp cymbium (the boxing glove!) which should show a broad orange spot. Please feel free to tag me with any attempts to id this taxon regardless of location.

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