Jacob A. Varney

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I have always been enamored by nature and the natural world. I have been gardening since the early nineties, kept fish for many years and bred several, and have been exploring my environment since I was old enough to notice things like turtles. I work at a library and and at a plant nursery, and worked for many years in a store that specialized in pet fish. A year ago, a colleague and I started a native plant nursery, from which we sell wholesale to local businesses and also bring plants to local markets and pop-ups for retail sale. My particular areas of fascination are biogeography and taxonomy, and I have heavily studied botany and herpetology (especially orchids, carnivorous plants, Diapensias and snakes). I also have studied ichthyology (mostly freshwater) and malacology (mostly marine), and have spent some time with birds and a great deal on wild cats. Alan S. Weakley et al.'s Flora of Virginia and Robert Jenkins' Freshwater Fishes of Virginia are two of my favorite books. I believe strongly in accurate reporting of species, both native (in order to better celebrate and preserve them) and exotic (in order to assess their level of invasiveness and respond accordingly). I look forward to working with you all even more.

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