Holly Hoitink

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I am a birder and amateur naturalist and photographer from Winnebago county Wisconsin. I have been aware of birds and nature around me my whole life, and have known basic birds since childhood. In high school I started exploring more and developed a fascination with Lepidoptera and a deeper love of birds. I also started taking pictures and getting involved with citizen science projects. I have a strong interest in bird friendly farming, as I grew up on a small farm and had grassland birds such a bobolinks, meadowlarks, and sedge wrens, my favorite bird, nesting on our pastures. I hope to be able to spread awareness among the general public of conservation and how it affects all of us, and to be able to help educate and inspire others.

I also have a passion for sharing nature and conservation with young people. Being a young birder myself I have often been the youngest person on trips and in groups and nature clubs. Now 22, I am excited to meet more people my age who care about conservation!

If you are a nature lover in my local area of northeast Wisconsin, join my nature club on facebook, East Central Wisconsin Family Nature Club. We provide free field trips open to the public to local areas to look for all sorts of birds, plants, insects, and animals. In 2024 we are starting a great Wisconsin Birdathon team as well!

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