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I am an entomological enthusiast who has been identifying insects for ~8 years and started contributing to iNaturalist in 2020! I received my undergraduate degree in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability from Colorado State University with a minor in Entomology. I continued on to complete my master's degree in Bioagricultural Science with a specialization in Entomology and Pest Management advised by Dr. Whitney Cranshaw. I worked closely with the C. P. Gillette Entomology Museum of Arthropod Diversity, was employed as a Teaching Assistant for both terrestrial and aquatic entomology laboratories and was an officer and president of the CSU Entomology Club (2015-2020).

I currently act as curator at the Miller Museum of Entomological Wonder (@miller_museum). The Miller Museum revolutionizes the ways and means of curating insects by sticking to rigorous standards, including climate data, habitat data and tracking geolocations within our database.

My first entomological love was ants. They inspired me to pursue the study of insects and discover a love for insect diversity. I now mainly focus on various pest species.

*Note: My Wife is a phenomenal photographer and provides photo observations for this account in addition to my content.

Andrew Miller (He/Him/His)

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