Emanuel Kern

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I am currently doing my master's degree in "Ecology and Evolutionary Biology" at the University of Graz (KFU). With the goal of becoming an Entomologist, i have specialized in the group of Auchenorrhyncha and am already involved in several projects. Currently I'm also working on getting a overview over Psyllids (Psylloidea) and Psocids (Psocodea).

If you need some reference, on my iNat-Account you will find numerous live photographs and images of corresponding genitalia and other structures relevant to identification (Mostly Central European species). If help is needed, feel free to tag me on your (Auchenorrhyncha)-Observations.

Since I make a lot of IDs, mistakes might happen from time to time. I always try to be as accurate as possible, but if you notice something wrong, feel free to correct me please.

On Instagram you can see a few of my best shots/findings @nucleus_macro

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