Michelle Colpus

Έγινε μέλος στις: Μαρ 07, 2020 Τελευταία δραστηριότητα στις: Ιουλ 05, 2022 iNaturalist Australia

I have always been a great lover of the natural world, and spend as much time as I can outside in it. As long as I am outside surrounded by nature, exploring and bushwalking, I am happy.
I have always taken great interest in plants and animals, but have only recently started asking about the names of what I find. I am hoping that through documenting what I see it may help preserve natural areas that might one day come under threat through development etc.
I am ashamed to say I know next to nothing and can only name a few species. Most plants I have listed as angiosperms, and most fungi as just that, I'm sorry. Thankfully it doesn't mean I do not love and appreciate them all.
I spend literally every spare moment of my time bushwalking or exploring and detest being inside any more than I have to be.

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