Charles Swift

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Lifelong naturalist, birder and citizen scientist dating back to childhood through early 30's in the mid-Atlantic region (Baltimore, MD & vicinity). Having now lived 20 years in north-central Idaho, I'm close to feeling like a westerner. I live in the small college town of Moscow, Idaho (home of the University of Idaho) and next door to Pullman, WA (home of Washington State University). The immediate area, known as "the Palouse", is part of the inland Pacific Northwest, and the greatly diminished Palouse Prairie ecosystem (mostly converted to dryland farmland). I enjoy naturalizing around the Palouse, the greater Pacific Northwest, and wherever travels take me. iNaturalist has become a bit of an obsession recently and helped rekindle my interest in plants and critters other than birds. I'm grateful to the many helpful iNat community members who have helped with identifications which has motivated me to return the favor. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone plus iNat app, Canon SX530 (P&S), and Pentax K-x (mostly w/ 55-300 lens) for capturing and submitting records. I also eBird extensively and you can find my eBird profile here:

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