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Just an amateur Photographer who enjoys the outdoors! I aim to post high quality images - doesn't always happen, but thats my goal. My main equipment as of Mid 2023 is a Canon 5Ds body, a Zeiss ZE 100mm (2:1 macro) manual focus macro lens, sometimes accompanied by one or two canon extension tubes. I use a Godox MF12 remote flash that I typically hand hold, and remotely trigger with a Godox XT2 mounted on the camera's hot shoe. This helps give me control over the scene lighting, as well as helps prevent motion blur. The 5Ds has a 50mp full frame sensor, and as such, even mirror slap can/will cause blur. The 50mp does provide some amount of "digital zoom" via post process cropping, which can be useful for closer macro shots. I typically shoot on "Manual" settings - often iso 100, 1/200s shutter (max for flash/ helps prevent motion blur) and between f5.6 and f9 to be in the sweet spot to avoid distortion. Flash power, controlled by the XT2, ranges between 1/8th and 1/1. When I'm hiking, I use Strava on my Apple Watch to record locations - I download the gpx file from Strava and geotag photos using Lightroom before uploading to iNat.

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