Josh Cantor

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I am a student of environmental science based out of Long Island, New York. As a nature enthusiast since early childhood, birds have always been part of my core interests; however, I didn't put this interest in them to good use until 2015, when I started reporting my sightings to eBird. Since then, this interest has expanded greatly to encompass nearly every bird-related project imaginable from my backyard, to listing them, to their conservation. I attended two ABA birding camps, took bird-related courses at school, and belong to the New York State Young Birders Club. In addition to birds, I will also try to identify other wildlife I encounter while in the field, and have traveled extensively add new species of animals to my list of observations. In 2018 I am embarking on a mission to see 500 species of bird in North America. Can I do it? There's only one way to know: You'll have to follow along to find out. Maybe I'll see you in the field!

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