Brian Fuxan

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South Carolina Native Plant Society, Industrial Engineer, Citizen Scientist/Amateur Naturalist, Native of the Southeast
From Tampa FL and currently live in Charleston SC area.

As an engineer and lover of understanding and being aware of the world, I strongly advocate for curbing humanity's impact on the quality of life for all life.

There is nothing more efficient and beautiful than a high biodiversity of life and diversity of land forms.

To have a community of folks who believe in sacrifice of modern luxury to live in more harmony with the rest of nature.

Prevent childbirth and/or promote major reductions in fertility rates.

Reduce consumption! Including reduction in buying things we do not need long term, no second homes, minimize impervious footprint, devote as minimal land space as possible for human only use, share space as much as possible and some land should be completely out of reach to humans other than the prevention of nonnative invasive species or toxic waste cleanup/restoration.

Align on a system of mutual benefit and away from global capitalism/consumerism/colonialsim to strong communities that are self sufficient using responsible native plant permaculture and polyculture.

Help educate about the natural world.

Preserve and protect natural areas with passion and mind.
Some life goals: have a natural cemetery, propagate native plants, native plant enthobotany, new ways of thinking of humanity's role as a part of nature using some facets of science and engineering not to exploit, rather to assist and elevate the quality of life for ALL life long term.

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