August Jackson

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I work as the Interpretation Coordinator at Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, Oregon. I also work as an Instructor with the Oregon Bee Atlas, as a contract taxonomist, and as a contractor on interpretive design, specifically in the area of bees, native plants, and pollination. In a volunteer role, I am the president of the Eugene Natural History Society.

My primary interest and focus is in the taxonomy of Western North American bees. However, nobody's introduction to natural history starts with bees (sorry, bees) and I have an enduring passion for botany and spend a good chunk of my time on iNaturalist identifying plants and lichens.

iNaturalist is an excellent tool for learning, but as a tool for research it is only as good as the data the community produces. Please call out any misidentifications of myself and others. You aren't calling out a person, you're improving the science. Feel free to tag me to ask a question, and if I miss it, feel free to tag me again.

I'm Based in Springfield, Oregon but frequently travel for teaching and talks.

My guide to the bees of the Willamette Valley here:

You can find my photography at

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