ASSEDE Eméline S.P.

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I graduated with MSc (Management of Natural Resources) 2008, and PhD (Ecology and Conservation of Plant communities) 2014, all from the University of Abomey-Calvi, Republic of Benin. I successfully completed the international field course of Tropical Biology Association (TBA) on Tropical Ecology and Conservation at Kirindy, Madagascar in 2014, and Vice Chancellor Postdoctoral Fellowship Postdoctoral study at University of Pretoria (UP) 2016-2018.

With respect to my current work experience, I have worked in academic and research institutions with relevant experiences in teaching, research and publication, and student supervision. I started as assistant lecturer at University of Abomey-Calavi, Republic of Benin 2014-2015. One year later, I have been admitted as assistant lecturer and researcher at "université des Sciences Arts et Techniques de Natingou, Republic of Benin (2015-2016). I joined the Department of Management of Natural Resources, Faculty of Agronomy, Université de Parakou, Republic of Benin in 2017 as a full time Lecturer and in June 2018 promoted to the position of Senior Lecturer and Researcher.
With my background in plant Ecology and forestry, I am the principal of several courses in Forestry option of my department, developed from the outputs of my research projects and publications. For the undergraduate forestry programme my courses include: Agroforestry, Silviculture, Forest ecology and dynamic, Forest dynamic and Management.
I am lead author on nine articles, two books and one dataset, and had co-authored nine other articles and one book to date.

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