Andrea Pane

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Andrea Pane.

I work as a ranger in a natural park (Parco naturale Orsiera - Rocciavrè - pnor), North West Italy.
I've been trying in the last years to understand something about spiders, but I like to observe also insects, so as flowers, birds, etc.
If anyone would like to control my observations, I prepared some lists (Insects, Spiders, Fungi & Lichens...)

Bibliography: I didn't write any book or else, but I read some... Some suggestions:
Dalton Trumbo, Johnny got his gun;
Joseph Heller, Catch 22;
Primo Levi, Se questo è un uomo, La tregua, Il sistema periodico;
Corrado Alvaro, L'uomo è forte;
Mario Tobino, Il deserto della Libia;
George Orwell, 1984;
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451;
Tennessee Williams, The night of the iguana, A cat on a hot tin roof, and others;
Gunther Grass, Die Blechtrommel;
John Steinbeck, everything.

I listen to lot of music, from Bach to grind metal.
At the moment I'm gone back to Husker Du - Zen Arcade lp (1984), especially the song "Turn on (the news)".
There's another song, "Something I learn today".
Today's lesson is
And, after having read this Italian website
about racism, I found

Next story is about spiders and scientists (and 8 March Women rights day):

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