Alexandro Minicò

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Hi I'm Alexandro (Alex for friends).

I live in Italy and I work in the maintenance of railways in Lombardy.
I didn't have a scientific school title but I always loved e interested to all insects and, everything I know, I self-learned from books, entomologists friends etc.

This passion and the curiosity of identifying them have led me to another passion like macro photography.
Principally I photograph dragonflies (but also other insects) of North and Center Italy but in the future i wil explore the South and the dragonflies of the rest of Europe.

My passion helped me to collaborate like helping-photographer, creator of some morfologic illustration, and reviewer of text and photo of some books like:
Le libellule delle Alpi (M.E. Siesa), Dragonflies and Damselflies of Europe (C. Galliani, R. Scherini, A. Piglia) and Brachytron journal;
also helped to create the Facebook and Inat groups "Libellule d'Italia" and most important an app for android user for identifying italian dragonflies.

So check my iNat gallery, my site and, why not, if interested, my android app (link below) and sorry for my bad english :-P

Inat Project:
FB Group:

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